My parents hail from Masbate province, and according to my relatives, our ancestry is a “royal” solid, Masbatenyo one. Mama and Papa both hail from the town of San Fernando. Even if I was born and Pasig and now living in Cainta, I still retain the identity of a true “Masbatenyo” in heart and mind.

Ever since I was young, my parents would often bring me to Masbate, perhaps once a year. Now that I have grown up, I rarely go there. And the seldom I go there, the more I get excited in going back to Masbate.

All my relatives are from Ticao Island (San Fernando town), many among which are presently living in Metro Manila, some in Cavite, some of my cousins also abroad.

I know Masbate to be the Beef Capital and Seashells Capital of the Philippines. It’s one of the top metal-exporting provinces in the country. Plus, our province is unique to have a dialect of its own, called MASBATENYO or “Minasbate” or “Bisakol,” a mixmash of Bicol, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Waray, and Ilonggo.

My most remarkable memory of my stay in Masbate was actually when I first set foot on the mainland last October 2007, during our visit to mom’s cousin Eking Cantre, Ed.D and to a UST-CS seminarian there. I toured St. Anthony High School Seminary of the Diocese of Masbate, and the Cathedral Parish of St. Anthony as well. Climbing Masbate hills, the site of the seminary, was so difficult for my mom, so she had to stay in Balay-Padi while I continued upward until I was able to tour the entire seminary premise with my companion seminarian.


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