Last May 29, my godmother, Claring Pagulong, invited me for a visit to a sick old lady living in Addition Hills, San Juan. She is Señora Loreto Romualdez-Ramos. She taught as Spanish teacher in UST and San Carlos Seminary for over thirty years. Now she is 95, with vivid memory and clear humor. I was able to have a thirty-minute dialogue or “kamustahan” with her, and even had pictures with her.

Her only advice, be the “presence of God.” That made her successful in her career.


3 thoughts on “Visit to Señora Ramos

  1. Hi,
    I was under the impression that Tia Loring is gone so I have not sought her out last time I went to the Philippines. I am in Los Angeles but plans to visit the Philippines soon. Can you give me more information about her? I want to clarify some family history. How was her health when you visited her? She looks good in the pictures.

  2. Hope to see our dear lola loring, it’s been a long time when we last talk to her. Kya lang she’s not living in the Villa anymore, as far as we know she moved in Tito Teddy’s place since Tita Bing passed away. I hope somebody could help me & and my Mama Rosing to reach her, my brother Noel was one of her orphan years ago, thats why I’m so eager to find her.
    I’m just so glad that I got this fortune to read this blog, hindi ako nawawalan ng pag-asa na makita muli ang isang dakilang tao na naging mentor nmin at nagturo ng napakaraming bagay. Were running out of time, hindi natin hawak ang panahon, ilang taon nalang siguro ang ilalagi ng mother ko sa aming piling, at ang tanging hiling nya ay makita si Lola.
    Thank God at muling nabuhay ang aking pag-asa! Pls help me to see her again. This is Christina Perez, just give me a ring of any information of Lola Loring wherebout’s in this numbers: 09483359841* 09232425642 Thank you and God Bless! 🙂

  3. Sir Dan, hope you can lend me a help about the wherebout’s of Lola Loring, being a child of her long time house helper in the Villa in San. Juan, I felt that I have this duty to find a way to reach Lola for my mother. Wala n po kc sila sa San. Juan, All I know is she moved to Tito Teddy’s house which I don’t know where. huli po kasi silang nagkita ni mama noong 2008, napaka halaga po sa akin ng oras at hindi po natin hawak ang panahon, matanda na rin po si mama, all I want is to make her happy by seing Lola Loring.
    Hope to read more about Lola Loring! Thank you and God bless!

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