Last May 20-24, I and my classmates had our Ignatian discernment retreat at Mt. Peace Retreat House in Baguio City, with Fr. Yulito Ignacio as our facilitator, accompanied by our director. Those from Manila area met at the seminary on May 19, evening, and from there they proceeded to Victory Liner terminal in Pasay and rode the 11pm trip to Baguio. Those from the North proceeded immediately to the retreat house by lunchtime of May 20.

In the morning of May 20 (Thursday), Fr. Itoy brought us to Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral, to the Pink Sisters’ Convent, to St. Joseph the Worker Parish, to the grotto, to Mirador Jesuit Villa, and finally at the Victory Bus Terminal near Baguio Convention Center (which is actually walking distance from the retreat house) where we booked for early reservation for May 24.

Labyrinth of Mirador Jesuit Villa

St. Joseph the Worker Parish (Baguio)

The retreat ended on the night of May 23. After dinner, we went to the grotto to pay our visit to the Blessed Mother at the conclusion of our spiritual exercises. Then we walked all the way from the grotto to Session Road. Along there we spotted Greenwich, where we had pizza treat.

Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

It was very cold in Baguio. Personally, my stay there was a break from the excruciating sun heat of Manila. I enjoyed it very much – pine trees, cool breeze, and TAXI rides. Honestly, what makes me more proud of Baguio now is that the taxi service there is more convenient than in Manila. 25 peso flat-down rate and honest drivers. The drivers would even give you the entire change, and with no addition. Kudos, Baguio taxi drivers!
On the morning of May 24, I and one of my classmates had a tour to Mines View Park. We passed by SM City Baguio. At noontime, I stayed in the house of my parents’ godparents-in-wedding. I left Baguio at 2 PM, and proceeded to Tarlac to meet again my apostolate friends. After SM City Baguio, now I’m all for SM City Tarlac!

It was my first time to be in SM City Tarlac on May 25. I was brought there by Mommy Joyce with her second child Eugene. Aside from SM Tarlac, we passed by San Sebastian Cathedral and Metrotown Mall Tarlac.

In the evening it was “siomai dinner” for me and Mommy Joyce’s family. I showed my funny videos, and played “Detective Conan” live action movie for the children to have something to watch. Then below are some pictures taken during my recent visit from March 28-30, 2012.

May 26, 2010, I bade farewell to the parish staff of Pura, Tarlac and to the De Pano family. I rode an aircon Genesis bus at 7:15 AM, en route to SCTEX, that is why I arrived in Guadalupe one hour ahead of my expected time of arrival.


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