Ten days after our stint at Flora Village, we retreated to Pura. But on the following day (actually on the next hour after we left Flora, it was already April 17 Saturday midnight), we stayed in Paidyanan compound. At 7:30 AM that day we embarked on a 2-hr wildroad expedition to Pinatubo Crater, aboard the two hummers of the parish. When we reached the entrance, we had to mark a 15-minute trekking toward the actual crater site. ALAS. BOOM! Paradise at sight! Pinatubo’s crater is fortified by the beauty of its lake.

We had picnic-lunch near the shore of the lake. After which, we proceeded to the Hot Springs. We then arrived back in Paidyanan at around 5 PM, then we stayed for some minutes for group synthesis, discussion, and dinner. Finally, we were back in Pura at around 7 PM past.


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