September 26, 2009 Saturday

It’s raining. It’s raining cats and dogs. Indeed, I didn’t go home because I was told by Mama that our place was flooded. Even my best friend had to return to the seminary because according to him, there was no bus available to ride.

Floods streamed around the seminary. Waters jumpacked the basement of the seminary. We had to spend some minutes controlling the flow of the water. The PSIY dorm was not spared.

Those who left were: my classmates, Kenneth (whom we fondly call Attorney orKench), Fred, Rone, Reden, Bunny, then Renz Reinier and Edlord from the first year, then Mac, Renz Nico, Jojo, and Neil. Chum was there (I forgot who else were with us staying in the seminary)

Hah. Brownout. I spent the Saturday playing Sudoku, then some Billiards, then Scrabble with Kench, Renz Reinier, and Paul Toguay. Even if I am good in Scrabble, our game proved otherwise. Paul scored higher, and I should say, he’s good at bridging.


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